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This platform is here to shine light on music history through thoughtful conversation, quality education, and authentic music consumption.

We will not only communicate the knowledge and experience we already have obtained, but also make efforts in growing and expanding our understanding of what music is and what it can become.  

Music is a way of life and within it there are many aspects to explore and understand.  The guests, reviews, and topics on this show will help navigate and inform the complex and beautiful terrain of the music industry and music history. 

An exploration in the past, present, and future is our mission.


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My name is Sam Romo and I am the creator and host of Music Mythology.  As a life long music lover, recent musician (last 5 years), former soundboard tech, and videographer I have always had an obsession with music and it's power.  

This show is my opportunity to learn more about the massive and ever expanding world of music.  I want this show to cover everything from the most praised musicians to the newest local artist or from the most legendary albums to the newest indie single.  

-Sam Romo

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